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the general world of first-time fics

what JKR couldn't write about...

Harry Potter first-time fics
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hp_first_time is specifically for Harry Potter discussion, fan fiction and art featuring 'first time' experiences of a romantic or smutty nature between any two characters. Both slash and het material is accepted. By 'first time' we generally mean either one or both characters being virginal or innocent, rather than it being their first time doing something with each other, although either scenario is acceptable. The fics do not necessarily have to revolve around it being their first time, just so long as it is included at some point.

Fics can be drabble, one-shot, or novel-length, of any genre (humour, angst etc) and any rating (G - NC-17). Discussion and fic/art recs are also welcome, as long as they are on topic. Please make use of lj-cuts when posting lengthy fics or art!

All post subjects must be prefaced with the appropriate: FIC, REC, ART, or GEN (for discussions, questions and other miscellaneous topics).

Please use this template when posting:
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