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HP Widdershins (Dudley/Hermione, NC-17.)

Title: HP Widdershins
Author/Artist: Didodikali (AKA trickofthedark)
Rating: Mostly PG-13 (because of the swearing) except for Chapter 7, which is NC-17
(and totally skippable if you prefer.)
Pairing: Hermione/Dudley
Warnings: ...er? Crackfic? AU? OOC?
Summary: Ten chapters, lots of drawings. See below cut for title chapters.
Author's Notes: This is an illustrated fic.

HP Widdershins.
An illustrated, alternate universe, OOC fanfic by Didodikali.
Part One, in which Harry Potter grows a brain.
Part Two, in which Dudley Dursley grows a personality.
Part Three, in which Hermione Granger seizes the reins.
Part Four, in which Harry Potter speaks softly.
Part Five, in which Dudley opens packages.
Part Six, in which Hermione plays with fire.
Part Seven, in which Hermione is screwed, blued, and tattooed. NC-17
Part Eight, in which Dudley takes a call.
Part Nine, in which Hermione goes to ground.
Part Ten, in which Dudley goes home. The End.
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